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Package 1

Body Scrub & Aroma Oil
Get healthy back skin and enjoy massage with aroma oil for 90 min

Package 2

Remedial Massage & Foot Reflexology 
Most popular combination, when your muscle become knotted and tense from day long busy life, it's time to restore, relax and improve your physical well-being for 90 min

 Package 3



Hot Stone Therapy & Foot Reflexology
Its good to relax stubborn muscle knotted, the heat from basalt stone help to release tension and let muscle softer. Balance your body and mind with Foot reflexology for 90 min
Package 4


Thai Boran Massage & Hot Coconut Oil
Most powerful outcome, you will start to stretch your body and stimulate blood circulation with Thai Boran massage technique Remedial massage technique while hot coconut oil will improve your muscle tone
Package 5                                     Package 6


Your Desire 90 min


Your Desire Mix & Match 120 min
Mix any type of massage you wish and design duration as you want, we will make it happen for you